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Sarah Gerwig

Senior Advisor


Sarah is a journalist, global health expert, patent holder and certified project management professional. As Senior Advisor for PandemicTech, she works to cultivate relationships with local and international partners building public private partnerships between academic institutions, foregin trade organizations, startups and small business owners and for-profit fortune 500 companies for global health.

Sarah previously worked at Baylor College of Medicine as Director of the Global Innovation Center and previously served as Adjunct Professor and Associate Director of Global Medical Innovation at Rice University and at Baylor College of Medicine.

Sarah is the CEO of UpGlobal, an advisory network for startups, universities and students to facilitate innovation and technology commercialization, life science education and business development opportunities in the Texas Medical Center, Austin, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, Central and South America and the Middle East. She is also a founding member of Texas Global Health Innovation Security Consortium (TEXGHS).

She works directly with foreign direct investment agencies, government agencies, chambers of commerce in the US and beyond with proven success in building dozens of public private partnerships and generating over $6 million USD in funding for academic institutions, startups and for-profit fortune 500 companies in global health innovation.

Sarah earned her bachelors of journalism from the University of Texas at Austin and still works closely with University partners through the Texas Global Health Security Innovation Consortium, an arm of the University of Texas Austin Technology Incubator (ATI). She completed her Masters of Public Health from the University of Texas Health Science Center’s School of Public Health in Houston and co-founded the Student Society for Global Health while focusing on management and policy.

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